Excursion of 27 falls from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

Excursion of 27 falls

The complex from 27 falls is the real miracle of the nature announced by the national reserve of Dominican Republic which is under protection of the country

This is for the fans of active rest having the corresponding physical capabilities and persons interested to tickle the nerves. During the excursion it is necessary both to swim, jump from rocks and to climb up uphill.

3 routes of different levels of complexity calculated on visit of 9, 12 and 27 falls are offered to tourists. Adrenaline and unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Despite the seeming complexity, excursions have the high level of safety. They are carried out under skilled instructor.

For prevention of possible injuries each tourist will be equipped with a protective helmet, hydroslippers and a life jacket. Therefore both the adults, and the children who don't have special skills but have the sufficient level of physical training can participate.

After there will be lunch at local restaurant where it is possible to try both traditional, and exotic dishes of Dominican kitchen: fried bananas, Sangkochuo soup and, certainly, famous "La-Bander".