Bahia las Aguilas (Eagle Bay)

Bahia las Aguilas (Eagle Bay)

Eagle Bay - the most fantastic place in the Dominican Republic! Discover a completely different and off-the-beaten-path Dominican Republic!

Our two-day adventure will begin early in the morning and take us through the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, the mango capital, Baní. We will continue our journey by visiting a coffee plantation and the Playa Azul beach in Azua, where the rocky shores offer breathtaking views of the azure Caribbean Sea. We will then drive through the mountains along a breathtaking serpentine road.

For lunch, we will stop in the shade and coolness emanating from a mountain river of unimaginable emerald color, flowing into the Caribbean Sea. Such stunning landscapes cannot be found anywhere else in the Dominican Republic.

Next, there will be a stop at the famous Laguna de Oviedo, where we will take a boat to a special island to feed iguanas with fruits from an observation deck. On the way there, you will have a unique opportunity to observe royal and blue herons, great white herons, pink spoonbills, plovers, pelicans, parrots, and beautiful flamingos, to which we will approach as closely as possible!

Then, in just an hour, we will reach Eagle Bay, where you will experience the most beautiful sunset in the Caribbean at an Eco hotel!

In the late evening, you will be embraced by the romance of the starriest sky in the Dominican Republic! After all, this place is considered mystical for a reason - wishes made under the canopy of this starry sky always come true!

The second day of the journey will begin with a traditional Dominican breakfast overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Afterwards, the captain will take you to the wildest and untouched beach in the Dominican Republic, located in the heart of Eagle Bay. Our path will lead us under the vault of cliffs, through water that amazes with its turquoise color and crystal clarity.

Upon arrival at the beach, you will have free time to enjoy the pristine nature of this magical place. Additionally, an unforgettable, wild underwater world awaits you: moray eels, turtles, stingrays, exotic fish, and sea stars, all of which can be seen with snorkeling equipment.

After relaxing on the beach and fully unwinding in Eagle Bay, we will head to the border with Haiti, where you will be able to witness a completely different reality. But don't worry about safety, as we will be under the protection of the Dominican military at all times.

Next, we will embark on the return journey to Punta Cana with rest stops according to your preferences!

What's included:

✔️ Hotel transfers

✔️ Breakfasts and lunches

✔️ Beverages (rum, cola, water)

✔️ Exotic fruits during the trip

✔️ Night stay in an eco hotel

✔️ Admission tickets

✔️ Individual guide

What to bring: Swimwear, towels, change of clothes, comfortable shoes, money for personal expenses.

This excursion is available upon request and is conducted on an individual basis.

Cost of the Eagle Bay excursion:

2 persons: $1800 ($900 * 2)

3 persons: $2100 ($700 * 3)

4 persons: $2400 ($600 * 4)

When purchasing 2 or more excursions with 100% prepayment, you will receive a 5% discount!