Buggy Safari excursion(Dominican Republic)

Buggy Safari excursion

Buggy Safari trip in the jungle of Dominican Republic is the real extreme!

At first you will go to an underground cave of Taino where it is possible to swim in fresh and surprisingly transparent internal lake. This real paradise town hidden by the nature in the impassable jungle. Depth of the lake is from 4 to 8 meters there will be places for jumps from height, and for diving.

You will be met in the small small village where coffee and cocoa are grown up, treated with amazing drinks on an ancient compounding and acquainted with local cultural traditions.

Visit of the Macau beach – one of the best on Dominican Republic will become the culmination of an excursion. Its main feature is that it isn't surrounded with coral reeves therefore is one of the places most visited places for fans of surfing. The wave can reach up to 3 meters in height here.

The excursion of the Buggy of the Safari is a huge variety and magnificent contrast of natural landscapes of Dominican Republic: from picturesque palm bosks to lifeless and unapproachable rocks, from well-groomed and accurate coffee plantations to the wild and impassable jungle.