Excursion to the Island Catalina from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

Excursion to the Island Catalina

Catalina — the desert island in the Caribbean Sea with the territory a little more than 9 sq.km. The real heavenly spot for admirers of snorkeling and diving with the purest water and the snow-white sandy coast. It is possible to reach here on a catamaran or the pleasure boat.

The island is included into the list of especially protected natural territories of Dominican Republic. The transparency of water reaches 15-25 m. Even from the boat it is possible to admire the picturesque underwater landscapes which are densely covered with corals and abounding with a set of exotic types of sea fauna.

Drop wall will suit divers beginners. This platform begins with small depth of 4 meters and smoothly falls down by 40 m.

Aquarium is intended for more skilled divers. Here at a 17-meter depth it is possible to observe sea sponges, huge Caribbean crabs and fussy flocks of fishes of the various sizes and coloring.

Even more fascinating and interesting will be a travel to the underwater museum of the famous freebooter Kidd located near the island. It is the Quedagh Merchant ship which has sunk in 1699. Which is densely populated with various sea fauna. For this reason the museum is also called "live".

The excursion to the island of Catalina continues all day. During this time it is possible to sunbathe, swim, drive on banana, dive and to participate in spearfishing

The standard lunch and soft drinks are included in excursion cost. At additional expense it is possible to try exotic fresh-caught seafood dishes at local restaurant.